Market Research

Plan and conduct marketing and digital research and analysis to uncover market, customer and competitor trends in order to extract useful business insights. This also includes the evaluation of marketing activity effectiveness and development of ways to optimise marketing efforts



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Analyse product performance, market trends and marketing effectiveness

Conduct research to support the analysis of market trends and developments

Collate relevant data on product performance

and marketing effectiveness from historical records and various internal or external sources

Gather data on customer preferences, consumer trends and competitors

Measure consumer behaviour and business outcomes based on specific indicators

Consolidate information gathered through data collection process

Maintain integrity of data collected in accordance to privacy laws

Plan market, competitor and customer research activities and analyse trends and dynamics through information gathered

Determine the types of data that are required

Identify sources to obtain market, competitor, customer and product performance data

Develop questions to gather data from customers or other sources

Analyse market trends and industry developments, and their impact on marketing activities

Analyse consumer behaviour and business outcomes according to set indicators

Analyse customer and competitor dynamics through information gathered

Utilise forecasting techniques to interpret future demands

Evaluate the

effectiveness of marketing efforts

Direct market research and analytics activities and processes to optimise the quantity and quality of responses and business insights

Manage market research and analytics activities to draw useful business insights

Determine optimal process and channels to

collect data from customers, to maximise quality and quantity of responses

Consider implications of data collection and usage on customers and privacy laws

Establish parameters and protocol for data collection, integration and analysis

Articulate business implications of the insights and trends derived from analysis

Optimise digital data and present insights from marketing and digital research to senior management

Define critical questions to be addressed through market research and analytics

Develop new ways to optimise digital data

Present key business and consumer intelligence insights and recommendations to senior management

Calculate ROI, marketing attribution and overall marketing effectiveness using business metrics