PPP contracts

Drafts a range of PPP contracts based on the size and type of project, considering the enabling factors required for successful implementation.



Competency Area

Public private partnership management


Describes PPP contracts

Demonstrates knowledge of public private partnerships (PPPs) in India, including history and evolution

Aware of guidelines notified by the PPP cell for formulation, appraisal, and approval of PPP projects

Describes different types of PPP contracts (BOT, OMT, DBFOT, etc.)

Summarises the four phases of a PPP project (identification, development, procurement, and contract management and monitoring)

Identifies PPP contracts supported by GOI

Distinguishes between public service and asset, to understand the kind of services that are traditionally provided by GOI

Documents best practices with regard to contract management for PPP, considering due diligence

Identifies which PPP contracts are supported by the GOI, based on the type and size of project

Documents the various enabling factors required for a successful implementation of the PPP project (financing, land, capacity building, etc.)

Drafts PPP contracts

Reviews documents from the PPP identification stage to understand feasibility, value for money, risk factors, etc.

Interprets and uses post-award contract management toolkits, as prescribed by the PPP cell

Drafts PPP contracts that contain roles of parties, performance standards, monitoring arrangements, etc.

Monitors the contract implementation, including identifying and solving bottlenecks if required