Apply appropriate physical intervention tactics and techniques during hostile situations



Competency Area

Security Operations


Apply physical intervention tactics for self-defence

Assess and take appropriate actions during hostile situations

Inform and report to appropriate authorities during hostile situations

Apply appropriate physical intervention techniques in

accordance to organisation procedures and relevant legal requirements

Apply reasonable amount of force during the use of physical intervention techniques

Apply law enforcement tactics for self-defence

Ensure safety measures are abided to during the use of physical intervention

Apply appropriate defence tactics and techniques in accordance to organisational procedures

Apply appropriate verbal commands during the use of appropriate equipment

Translate expertise into training others

Use appropriate equipment in accordance to organisational procedures

Train individuals and groups in appropriate self-defence techniques as and when needed and within organisational procedures

Communicate the risks of self-defence posturing and necessary precautions to be undertaken

Communicate contextual awareness clearly and thoroughly to ensure that any self-defence does not create avoidable (or additional) risks