Conflict Management

Build consensus and utilise knowledge of conflict management techniques to diffuse tensions and achieve resolutions effectively and maintain the best interests of the organisation



Competency Area

Care Services


Address questions that drives the behaviours to minimise conflicts

Identify signs, stages and causes of conflicts with individuals or groups of people

Define the conflicts and highlight points of differences and/or contention objectively, taking into consideration social and cultural differences of parties involved

Identify potential areas of conflicts with team members and other parties and methods to overcome the issues at hand

Respect individual viewpoints in managing conflicts within the team

Identify key issues within a conflict situation

Write report detailing the conflicts for Supervisor to review

Facilitate conflict resolutions to minimise conflict occurrences

Identify roles and responsibilities of team members to minimise sources of conflicts performance

Work with affected team members and other parties to resolve conflicts

Monitor and review agreed actions to resolve conflicts

Lead research on high impact conflicts, long-term causes and possible resolutions

Identify the critical players/actors, fault lines of various communities, their historical predisposition and plan for contingencies

Research sources of internal and external assistance to resolve the conflicts

Write reports, including comprehensive details of the conflicts, the parties involved, discussions with all parties and the resolution

Work with different communities, their representatives to resolve long-standing issues