Learning Programme Delivery

Deliver learning experiences according to the profile and learning needs of the students, staff and/or professionals



Competency Area

Learning Programme Development and Delivery


Implement and deliver training programmes according to programme designs

Deliver training programmes or academic programmes designed in collaboration with institutes of higher learning

Adapt training programmes to meet learners’ needs

Identify and reduce barriers to learning

Manage learner behaviours effectively

Use appropriate methods to assess learning progress

Provide timely feedback to learners

Guide learners to translate learning outcomes to the workplace

Create and maintain a conducive learning environment

Conduct Train-the-Trainer programmes

Deliver training programmes and drive development of professionals

Deliver training programmes in specialised areas of professional practice

Identify and resolve gaps for effective training delivery

Drive development of Train-the-Trainer programmes

Create a framework focusing on improvements

Implement supervisory framework to drive quality training delivery

Develop guidelines on training delivery and performance standards for educators

Identify metrics and create a dashboard that promotes self-improvement