Threat Observation

Describe contemporary threats by discerning suspicious activities



Competency Area



Identify contemporary threats

Identify persons found to be behaving suspiciously

Identify disorderly and threatening behaviour

Recognise impact of successful terrorist attack on assignment area based on updated information on current terrorist threats

Recognise person- borne ,vehicle-borne and object-based threats based on various TTI of malicious intent and obvious signs

Take appropriate action to observe suspicious person(s), vehicles in accordance with protocols in dealing with the respective threats

Conduct security questioning on suspicious persons after period of observation

Review and report collected information to relevant person/authorities in accordance with organisational procedure on terrorism

Interpret malicious intent from contemporary threats

Assess persons’ behaviour and determine if intent is malicious

Draw on past experience to predict malicious intent

Identify early enough to see patterns in individuals coalescing into a 'group with intent'

Manage crowd and analyse contemporary threats

Scan the crowd for suspicious behaviour

Listen for suspicious conversations among crowd

Look for signs of surveillance being conducted within crowd

Scan crowd for inappropriately attired person