Stakeholder Management

Plan and implement strategies to build and manage constructive and positive relationships with stakeholders



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Maintain relations with team members and/or clients

Utilise tact, diplomacy and courtesy when interacting with team members, clients and/or stakeholders

Escalate queries or requests to seniors and superiors

Maintain good relationships with team members, clients and/or stakeholders

Nurture positive internal and external relations with stakeholders

Communicate with stakeholders in line with authority levels

Consider interests of stakeholders during communication

Nurture positive relationships with formal and informal contacts to facilitate work progress

Administer plans to engage stakeholders to build and foster positive relationships

Integrate professional inputs or information from different disciplines into teaching and management of children with special needs

Identify evidence-based intervention strategies for teaching and managing children with special needs

Identify suitable assistive tools in interventions based on the needs of the children

Engage in collaborative practices with professionals and families

Develop plans to build positive and trustworthy relationships

Facilitate networking opportunities to build relationships with stakeholders

Conduct impact analysis to assess the impact of new policies, programmes and processes on different stakeholders

Propose plans to assist in adaptation of new policies, programmes and processes

Implement metrics to track stakeholder engagement

Formulate new strategic partnerships & cultivate strong partnerships with stakeholders

Form strategic partnerships to secure stakeholder support for key organisational goals

Analyse new policies, programmes and procedures to determine stakeholder impact

Implement metrics to track client satisfaction and engagement

Manage media relations

Initiate new stakeholder connections to achieve organisational strategic goals

Engage relevant stakeholders when making decisions to preserve a balance of organisational and political interests

Form cross-functional relationships with both internal and external stakeholders

Build relationships across sectors in view of trends in service development