Canine Handling

Deploy dogs for security patrols



Competency Area

Security Operations


Carry out dog patrols according to organisational procedures

Check and verify suitability of dogs against assignment instructions using established criteria

Handle dogs safely and in manner which provides minimal risk of injury to public, dogs and handlers

Promptly attend to, report and record injuries to dogs according to legislative and organisational requirements

Evaluate situations requiring use of dogs as security measure against use of force guidelines, legislative and organisational requirements

Appropriately adjust or discontinue responses according to rapidly changing circumstances and personal safety needs when handling dogs

Deeply the right dog and handler

Ensure suitability of dogs against specific cases/ assignment

Know the specific dog and its temperament and its suitability to the case/assignment

Develop and demonstrate trust in the ability of the handler

Understanding dogs breeds and their capabilities and limitations

Ensure the squad has all the different talents required and is adequately 'staffed' and trained

Ensure proper and humane techniques to handle dogs while training and on active duties

Evangelise the use of canine workforce in the right, appropriate and humane manner

Ensure suitability of dogs against specific cases/ assignment

Create proper retirement policies and facilities for canines that are injured/retired and dead