Professional Consultation

Provide guidance or professional assistance in response to requests from clients, other professionals, external organisations and the general public



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Provide professional expertise in engagement

Influence peers and stakeholders within organisation with professional perspectives

Communicate clear and relevant information about different forms of treatment, approaches and interventions.

Explain the theoretical framework, methods and theories relating to professional practice

Explain client issues in simple and understandable terms for the clients and other professionals

Discuss evidence-based interventions and assessments and their intent and objectives with social service professionals and stakeholders

Articulate role and working capacity of the profession to other social service professionals in systems they are working with

Provide professional expertise in engagement with extended network

Influence stakeholders within the organisation and social service organisations

Negotiate and clarify parameters of one’s professional involvement in providing social services

Apply transdisciplinary approaches when providing professional inputs

Evaluate and synthesise information from transdisciplinary perspectives

Discuss intent of the interventions and any significant differences in transdisciplinary implications

Demonstrate effective and appropriate skills in communicating information, advice, instruction or professional opinions clearly to peers and other social service professionals, clients, families and caregivers

Explain theoretical models that guide intervention in a transdisciplinary approach

Promote professional perspectives in transdisciplinary team settings

Provide specialised professional expertise in a transdisciplinary setting

Influence stakeholders from government ministries, agencies and other social service organisations with professional perspectives for policy development

Evaluate sensitive or possibly contentious information for transdisciplinary team discussions, case conferences and policy development

Develop strategies for promoting maintenance, development and change in social structures when providing professional expertise

Develop effective working relationships with a broad range of stakeholders

Drive professional perspectives to national and international forums

Influence stakeholders from government ministries, agencies and international bodies with professional perspectives for policy development

Integrate professional practice in providing transdisciplinary social services

Advise on policy implications related to professional practice

Evaluate and manage significant barriers to acceptance of professional expertise by social service stakeholders

Collaborate with others in planning and decision-making at the individual, group and systems level

Foster collaborative working practices of transdisciplinary teams

Work with quality assurance principles and processes to determine the relevance of professional practice within social services