Confidentiality Management

Develop a set of rules to control access to information



Competency Area

Information Management


Apply Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to control information dissemination

Retrieve and study site security operations procedures

Record relevant information for site inspections

List details of security operations procedures and formulate inspection checklists

Ensure safety, security and confidentiality for all information relating to clients’ security operations

Maintain records in accordance with legislative and organisational requirements

Non-disclosure of Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to public

Non-disclosure of clients’ information to unauthorised personnel

Implement strategies to control information dissemination

Identify relevant measures to be taken to protect clients’ confidentiality

Prevent unauthorised usage of client information

Evaluate risks associated with managing clients’ intellectual property

Develop Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to control information dissemination

Develop information dissemination policies

Develop Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) based on security policies

Conduct briefings to security teams on information dissemination policies