Alarm System Management

Detect alarm activations and respond appropriately



Competency Area

Security Technology Management


Apply appropriate procedures to operate alarm monitoring equipment

Arm and disarm alarm equipment

Identify type and nature of alarms

Report locations of intrusion incidents to immediate supervisors

Adopt basic response actions in accordance to organisation procedures

Detect and report any equipment fault to supervisors

Complete relevant documentation relating to alarm equipment

Deploy alarm equipment and supervise security personnel in alarm monitoring

Check alarm monitoring equipment for operational status

Carry-out routine checks on security personnel and equipment

Set and reset intruder alarm monitoring equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications

Conduct a briefing and site orientation for alarm response procedure to security personnel

Review, verify and determine course of action in the event of an alarm activation reported by the security officer

Report equipment faults or repair requirements to maintenance contractor and ensure remedial actions are taken

Prepare and maintain records and documentation

Plan, implement and review alarm monitoring systems

Establish intruder detection and response procedures

Determine and analyse possible causes of intrusion

Compile and present improvement plans

Monitor project implementation of alarm monitoring systems and ensure that site acceptance tests meets operational requirements

Recommend adjustments in deployments of existing alarm monitoring equipment

Review and access efficiency of alarm monitoring equipment

Research and recommend new and suitable alarm monitoring equipment for deployment