Support Service to Seniors

Provide support services to seniors, their families and caregivers by identifying and understanding their needs and concerns



Competency Area

Care Services


Ensure the safety of seniors when required to accompany them

Demonstrate knowledge of ageing related health issues

Escort seniors safely from one location to another

Assist seniors in moving from one location to another location with help of transport devices or walking aids

Apply appropriate self- care techniques to maintain emotional health of oneself

Provide support and identify referral services to seniors

Identify needs and concerns of seniors

Clarify the manner in which client needs are addressed with reference to the different senior services programmes

Apply senior services techniques and processes applicable to the specific programmes or service delivery activities

Prioritise tasks according to organisational goals and changing requirements where directed

Guide care staff to provide support services to seniors

Apply communication skills to interact with seniors, taking into account the impact of ageing on communication

Provide information relating to social services and support for families and care-givers with seniors

Refer seniors and their families to related programmes