Psychological Intervention

Implement psychological therapy or other interventions appropriate to the presenting problems and the psychological, biological and social circumstances



Competency Area

Psychological Practice


Deliver structured evidence-based interventions under supervision

Apply simple clinical treatment protocols and interventions skills in structured psychological interventions

Engage and build rapport with clients

Monitor client’s development during intervention process and highlight potential crises

Communicate the intervention process with the client and caregivers

Deliver evidence-based

Adhere to a professional intervention or clinical treatment protocols

Apply therapeutic techniques with individuals, groups, communities, organisations, systems, or society, taking into account clinical judgment and client diversity under supervision

Foster and maintain a therapeutic alliance with other professionals, and therapeutic relationships with clients and caregivers

Assist clients to overcome inhibitions and resistance and contain emotional issues that interfere with therapeutic relationship

Address crises and unintended consequences during interventions

Provide guidance and advice to clients and caregivers involved in the psychological interventions according to intervention plans under supervision

Manage the delivery and adaptation of evidence-based psychological interventions independently

Manage treatment programmes

Implement treatment models, prevention strategies and promote mental health well-being

Evaluate changing clinical and social contexts, client feedback and intervention goals to adapt interventions

Integrate contributions and perspectives of other professionals into interventions

Integrate clinically relevant presenting variables in delivering or adapting therapeutic interventions

Promote shared understandings of positive change and develop client capability to support meaningful and sustainable change

Provide guidance and advice to multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary teams involved in the psychological interventions

Manage the delivery and adaptation of various evidence-based and specialised psychological interventions

Manage a range of treatment programmes for intervention cases

Adapt specialised interventions in different settings

Evaluate effectiveness of potential new psychological interventions, using methods appropriate for the goals and purposes of the intervention

Adapt professional approaches between being supportive, reassuring, directive, educational, or confrontational when managing difficult clients

Provide guidance and advice to transdisciplinary teams involved in the psychological interventions

Drive delivery and adaptation of interventions across multiple settings

Provide consultation on the implementation and adaptation of current and new interventions in

different settings

Drive implementation or adaptation of new treatment models for use in different settings

Evaluate evidence- based interventions involving an area or multiple areas of psychology