Intervention Implementation

Perform the appropriate interventions based on client's needs, conditions and care plan



Competency Area

Care Services


Support execution of relevant interventions

Identify all elements of the client’s care plans for conduct of interventions

Identify targets and time frames for achieving outcomes in the care plans

Provide the agreed activities and treatments according to the agreed schedule in the care plans

Clarify individual roles and responsibilities in the delivery of the care plans

Instruct clients in the correct technique and guidelines for undertaking physical activities

Maintain accurate client records and documentation

Maintain privacy, comfort and safety of clients

Report signs of adverse reactions promptly

Support execution of intervention based on client’s care plan

Execute clients’ care plans

Make recommendations to existing clients’ care plans

Select suitable activities, resources and equipment based on care plans

Communicate clear and accurate instructions

Communicate in a manner that encourage participation and is suitable for the clients

Take prompt and appropriate action in response to the clients who have adverse reactions to interventions

Translate client needs into intervention

Monitor implementation of care plans to ensure proper execution

Modify activities to meet client needs

Introduce appropriate range of activities to take into account clients’ physical and functional conditions and social interaction needs

Assess and implement therapies and interventions for clients

Identify and seek resources required for interventions

Conduct interventions and report them according to organisational Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)