Casework Intervention

Provide systematic approaches to casework interventions



Competency Area



Support the implementation of casework interventions

Recognise roles and responsibilities of a case worker to clients

Support crisis management in accordance to organisation’s policies and procedures

Explain relevant services provided by the organisation to clients

Apply probing techniques to determine underlying issues faced by clients

Apply principles and procedures for gaining informed consent

Apply counselling skills to interact with clients

Coordinate discharge plans of clients and documentation of case closure

Implement appropriate casework interventions

Choose strategies to formulate viable plans for clients

Apply conflict resolution techniques

Collaborate in intra-case conferences

Take appropriate actions to manage ethical dilemmas, escalating to supervisors as appropriate

Write social reports

Manage crisis situations in accordance to policies and procedures

Conduct closure of cases upon achieving sustainable service outcomes for clients

Obtain resources to deliver casework interventions

Implement appropriate counselling techniques with individuals and families

Facilitate appropriate casework intervention approaches

Adapt casework intervention techniques for cases

Supervise implementation of casework interventions

Lead case conferences

Equip team with skills and resources to respond to crisis

Endorse social reports and other documents for high-risk cases

Mobilise community resources for intervention

Apply specialised counselling techniques in specific cases

Drive innovative efforts in intervention strategies

Lead the use of new and emerging approaches in casework interventions

Formulate relationships with external organisations to support intervention strategies

Lead delivery of interventions in multiple domain knowledge

Lead high-risk case conferences in domain areas

Evaluate and standardise the quality of social reports within the organisation

Review organisation’s counselling frameworks and standards against outcome measures

Drive best practices in casework interventions at the national level

Analyse emerging trends in casework practice for holistic intervention

Establish documentation and platforms for knowledge dissemination of best practices

Foster partnerships with stakeholders to support implementation of intervention plans across sector

Oversee staff capabilities to respond to crisis situations

Review existing crisis management plans to identify ways to improve casework in the organisation