Learning Programme Design

Plan and design learning experiences that are intellectually and academically engaging while imparting skills and competencies in students, staff, professionals and the public



Competency Area

Learning Programme Development and Delivery


Analyse the factors which influence learning and design & develop related programmes

Identify the learning outcomes of on-the-job training programmes

Gather information required for design, development and contextualisation of the training programme from relevant stakeholders

Design on-the-job training programmes based on relevant adult learning principles as well as ethical and legal requirements

Document appropriate assessment methods and tools

Develop on-the-job training materials in accordance with agreed programme designs

Develop mentoring framework for the department according to department guidelines and policies, best practices and objectives of the mentorship programme

Develop mentoring framework, rotational programmes for staff

Inspire a culture for continuing education within the department, organisation or sector

Transform practice through evidence based education and curriculum development

Initiate and lead collaborative work with Institutes of Higher Learning and training providers

Integrate innovative methodologies into training programmes, courses and curriculum design to enable effective learning

Review the outline and content of on-the-job training programmes with stakeholders

Develop L&D Policies

Synergise educational capabilities with external stakeholders to enable access to learning facilities and materials for self-managed learning

Formulate policies for the provision and sponsorship of training to improve and upgrade staff or partner expertise in their respective specialisations

Form strategic collaborations with international educational bodies or institutions for formal education programmes and courses for other professionals