Advocacy and Representation

Advance the interests of the marginalised and/or vulnerable within the community regardless of mode of delivery



Competency Area



Advocate for the needs of vulnerable members

Plan and undertake consultations with clients to identify and describe issues of concerns

Define advocacy scope, processes and conditions in consultation with clients

Identify individuals and organisations who may offer partnership in the advocacy roles

Advance the interests of vulnerable groups within the community

Identify advocacy skills of individuals within a group

Develop appropriate organising structures, such as committees and networks, to support advocacy activities

Initiate collaborative activities for advocacy

Create opportunities where interests can be represented and where key decision makers will participate

Monitor the effectiveness of advocacy and representation strategies

Make adjustments to advocacy strategies according to evaluation feedback

Facilitate the maintenance of rights and needs of clients

Conduct research of the scope of advocacy required

Conduct interviews and meetings with individuals and groups to determine the need for advocacy and representation

Identify and deliver training and skill development required to support delivery of advocacy

Initiate pilots to gather evidence for the purpose of advocating for policy change

Adopt appropriate strategies to negotiate and influence changes in social service practice

Plan and create opportunities where interests can be represented and where key decision makers can participate

Plan and participate in public meetings and events that can be used to promote advocacy issues

Provide content for press releases and other materials for advocacy purposes

Develop advocacy

frameworks for different groups of people

Influence and contribute to policy development

Identify and analyse gaps in policies in context of changing social trends

Recommend evidence- based solutions to policy-makers to close gaps in policies

Reach out to key decision makers and others with influence to influence policy-making through feedback and advocacy

Develop close working relationships and form networks with stakeholders who can assist in advocacy