Capability Development

Provide personnel with support for professional development



Competency Area

People Development


Apply workplace learning techniques to enhance employees' development.

Develop workplace learning plan using appropriate workplace learning methods

Prepare to facilitate workplace learning.

Provide on-the-job instruction, coaching to increase the capability and performance of team members

Communicate expectations of team performance in a positive manner

Facilitate workplace learning using workplace learning plan.

Provide feedback on work progress.

Support employees to develop their skills and facilitating learning opportunities

Review organisational strategies and business plans that impact on team competency requirements

Select and use tools to review current skills of employees

Establish employees’ learning priorities

Support employee in writing learning and development plans

Facilitate learning and development opportunities to address skills needs

Provide resources and support for learning and development

Establish clear learning outcomes and timeframes

Work with employee to explore issues and develop options

Review learning outcomes against learning goals

Mentor successors, support organisational learning and development

Develop a succession management strategy in consultation with the human resources function and other relevant personnel to facilitate succession planning

Identify critical roles and feeder positions to provide opportunities to groom successors

Work with managers and identified successors to create and implement development and retention plans

Prioritise learning and development programmes to support employees in the development of their professional, technical and managerial competencies

Empower senior managers to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their personal development

Promote engagement strategies to improve organisational performance