Mentoring for Youths

Provide guidance to youths to facilitate their holistic development



Competency Area

Youth Engagement and Development


Support the implementation of appropriate mentoring approaches

Identify youths who may require mentoring and additional support

Build rapport and trust with youths

Apply probing techniques to determine underlying issues faced by youths

Support mentoring efforts to help youths reach self-determined goals

Implement appropriate youth mentoring approaches & programmes

Analyse needs of youths to determine appropriate mentoring approaches and resources available to help youths

Establish trust and build mentor relationships with the identified youth

Determine the interest of youths and assist youths to set personal goals

Provide guidance and information to youths in different areas

Apply techniques to help youths understand and clarify their views, learn how to reach self- determined goals and resolve emotional or interpersonal problems

Support youths in exploring opportunities for personal development

Monitor progress of development and document according to organisational procedures

Enable youths to find external community resources

Review cases requiring referrals for further support

Review organisation mentoring frameworks and guidelines against outcome measures

Review organisation’s mentoring frameworks and guidelines against outcome measures

Facilitate mentoring sessions with youths from various background

Facilitate collaboration opportunities between partners for mentoring

Review referred cases for further escalation to get additional support for youths

Review ethical guidelines relating to mentoring

Evaluate mentoring effectiveness and provide feedback to mentors

Lead the developmental efforts in improving the effectiveness of mentoring services

Lead evaluation efforts to improve mentoring services offered by organisation

Incorporate best practices to current mentoring programmes

Build relationships with partners to support the mentoring programmes offered by the organisation

Report on the benefits and outcomes of the mentoring arrangement in accordance with organisation’s policies and procedures