Contingency Management

Manage resources to handle uncertain and emergency situations



Competency Area

Security Operations


Deploy and manage resources to minimise security risks

Prepare operation briefing and debriefing according to organisational procedures

Conduct operation briefing and debriefing session to security personnel in attendance according to organisation procedures

Reinstate briefing venue

Understand security risk management plans which identifies key roles and responsibilities

Ensure availability and adequacy of resources required for implementation for the specified timelines

Assess timelines and objectives in security risk management plans against own organisational processes and requirements

Develop Security Risk Management plans

Review project planning requirements to determine availability of required resources and expertise

Identify and prioritise causes of risks to facilitate development of appropriate risk control measures

Identify real and potential risks, threats, and risk control measures

Assess existing risk control measures to determine impact on risk occurrence

Develop Security risk frameworks and policies

Identify appropriate improvements or modifications to tighten risk control measures

Select risk control measures that are in line with organisational practice

Identify and clarify implications of risk control measures approved by clients

Conduct field-test to assess risk control measures' applicability in field