Reflexive Practice

Conduct regular self-assessment of own competencies and interactions with others within different systems and take the necessary actions to continuously develop as a professional



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Recognise personal qualities and beliefs and their impact on professional activities

Demonstrate self- awareness in professional practice

Recognise individual attitudes, values, and beliefs towards clients

Apply general self- awareness and self- assessment skills in professional activities

Identify personal strengths and weaknesses for improvements to personal and professional effectiveness

Appropriately seek advice or consultation from more experienced professionals

Identify red flags in situations

Identify gaps and limitations and seek personal and professional development

Recognise impact of individual attitudes, values, and beliefs on clients

Apply self-assessment and self-monitoring techniques in professional practice

Identify limitations relating to current professional competence and areas of improvements

Utilise supervision and feedback to reflect on personal and professional effectiveness and development needs

Identify and acquire additional competencies and developmental needs for effective professional practice

Identify potential adjustments in personal and professional behaviours and their impact on professional activities

Apply learnings for personal and professional improvement

Demonstrate ability to handle complexities and sensitives of client issues in professional practice

Practise adequate self- assessment and monitoring

Reflect on personal and professional effectiveness in professional practice and in engagements with other social service professionals

Identify and assess assumptions and implicitly biases underlying actions and experiences of self, clients or other professionals

Assess objective and subjective approaches to make sense of client experiences and situations

Assess and discuss professional developmental needs

Plan learning development according to professional requirements and proactively seek supervision, consultation or relevant trainings

Improve personal and professional effectiveness in professional practice

Assess actions and experiences of self, clients and other professionals and their therapeutic relationships, and the social context to provide other insights in professional practice

Adapt personal and professional behaviours based on objective and subjective assessment of client information

Practise effective self- assessment

Assess the strengths, weaknesses and professional development needs of self and other social service professionals

Evaluate the efficacy of personal and professional behaviours in professional activities and service provision and adapt accordingly

Facilitate adaptations to personal and professional behaviours by other social service professionals amidst client interactions, ethical dilemmas, conflicts and misalignments in personal values and beliefs

Establish, prioritise, implement, and evaluate development plans to meet development needs and professional effectiveness

Seek out peer feedback and/or supervision to improve personal and professional effectiveness

Create an environment that promotes reflexive practice and learning

Seek constructive feedback from peers, supervisors, experienced professionals within or outside of professional practice

Analyse needs for competent, effective and safe practice, and provide active support for professional staff development

Monitor, evaluate and reflect on professional practice

Review effectiveness of development opportunities and resources in meeting professional development needs

Discuss individual reflections and reflexion with peers, supervisors or mentors

Develop frameworks and action plans to prioritise aspects of professional practice for development

Create a climate of accountability and commitment for self- improvement

Promote a safe environment for self- reflection and assessment

Drive improvements to support systems within or outside the organisation to support development of professional practice