Write clear, concise and readable reports supported by facts and evidence



Competency Area

Information Management


Describe situations with facts using report templates

Fill in incident report templates

Write stakeholder’s particulars into key press sign-out booklets

Write legibly about the outstanding tasks to be performed in the handing over booklet

Write visit details in the visitors’ log book

Note facts about incident for evidence

Verify and enhance documentations

Check the incident report for spelling and legibility

Periodically check on the legibility for logs and booklets

Review notes used for evidence

Edit writing styles of reports to aid legibility

Clarify on items of information that are ambiguous or doubtful

Organise information gathered in a systematic manner for ease of understanding and review

Compile and write reports for clarity and readability

Create written reports for reporting purposes

Create written reports to record evidence

Create fact sheets to record evidence

Review the items of information gathered

Organise and prioritise information in a systematic manner

Submit information gathering report in required report format and written in clear and concise manner

Provide clarification with appropriate person, if required, on details in the submitted report

Store approved report in accordance with organisational requirements

Edit reports for clarity and readability

Perform edits to meet legislation requirements for evidence reporting

Perform editorial edits for reports

Clarify with team members on items of information that are ambiguous or doubtful

Prepare a complete and accurate account of the report according to organisation procedures

Submit report to management in accordance with organizational procedures and clarify with management if needed on details in the report