Security Event Management

Plan and coordinate security operations of specific events



Competency Area

Security Operations


Manage security teams in event operations

Brief security personnel on security deployment orders

Assign suitable security personnel to client’s sites

Plan duty rosters for shift rotation according to organisational procedures

Prepare contingency plans in the event of a need to vary initial plan

Obtain approval for manpower deployment plans

Develop security operation plans

Analyse premises for security personnel deployment in preparation of security operations orders

Ascertain and analyse security requirements to facilitate preparation of security operations order

Identify workflows and communication channels to determine the types of security equipment and systems used

Establish the number of security staff required at each site to prepare their job scopes

Identify logistical supplies to be used during security duties at clients’ sites

Develop operational command and control structures for security staff

Draw up security operations orders and submit to relevant personnel for approval

Synergise security operation plans with external stakeholders

Design contingency plans with law enforcement’s involvement

Design contingency plans with medical care considerations

Obtain approval from external legal authorities for security-related plans

Obtain approval from external authorities for security-related plans