Social Service Programme Implementation

Implement effective social service programmes that serve the needs of the clients and community



Competency Area

Programme Development and Implementation


Support the implementation of social service programmes

Monitor clients in programme activities in accordance to programme guidelines and requirements

Identify and raise potential client issues to supervisors

Provide clients with programme information

Engage clients and caregivers in programmes to encourage participation

Implement assigned social service programmes

Document and maintain programme information, observations and feedback from clients, caregivers and social service professionals to facilitate understanding of client profiles and current progress

Apply organisational procedures and guidelines in documentation

Provide administration and logistical support for programmes

Develop rapport with clients and caregivers during engagements to encourage participation

Adapt programme activities to accommodate changes in client participation

Conduct promotion and publicity activities for programmes

Apply organisational procedures to address client issues during the programme

Implement and monitor different types of social service programmes

Implement and monitor programme content, activities and schedules

Address individual needs of client in the delivery of the programmes

Develop and implement processes to recognise client achievements

Develop and implement promotional strategies to drive participation

Mobilise the community stakeholders and resources for programmes

Guide clients in conflict resolution process to resolve client issues during the programme

Identify possible barriers and provide solutions to programme participation

Monitor safety of programme staff and participants

Adapt individual communication approaches and programme activities to tailor to client’s needs and cultural context

Coordinate the allocation of resources for programme execution, including logistics and manpower

Lead in the implementation and adaption of social service programmes

Adapt programmes and services to suit needs of client or programme objectives

Develop strategies to address causes for client disengagement

Monitor the allocation and sufficiency of resources for successful programme execution

Utilise networks within the community and social service organisations to extend support and participation in programmes

Drive implementation of social service programmes in different communities

Monitor overall implementation of programmes and timelines at community level

Drive support and commitment of community stakeholders for programmes

Review programme outcomes, quality of service provision in meeting needs of clients

Integrate community- wide programmes and best practices that cut across different social service providers with long-term national impact

Initiate government and private sector partnerships and networks to support programmes

Build partnerships across the sector to facilitate integration of programmes across different social service providers