Firearm Handling

Handle firearms in accordance to standard operating procedures



Competency Area

Security Operations


Follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) to operate firearms

Perform hand over of firearms to another person

Perform takeover of firearms from another person

Perform loading of firearms

Perform unloading of firearms

Observe safety rules and precautions drills when handling firearms

Perform stoppages and immediate actions

Apply correct marksmanship principles to operate firearms

Carry out live firing

Conduct inspections and recommend appropriate corrective mechanisms

Inspect regularly all firing incidents and sites and document observations and conclusions

Identify rectifying actions required of officials to ensure adherence to procedures

Act promptly to all incidents within ambit and with appropriate intensity as befits the incident

Create policies for accurate handling and nil incidents

Modify procedures appropriately while ensuring that any modification follows due process

Conduct thorough enquiry into each incident and all 'suspected' pre-incidents to understand the underlying causes behind incidents

Develop a defensive strategy to use of firearms for the unit