Family and Caregiver Engagement

Recognise the central role of the family in every child's life and develop strategies for family engagement, nurturing trust and rapport and building capabilities in them to co-deliver interventions



Competency Area

Early Intervention Care and Education


Facilitate the involvement of families and caregivers in collaborative programmes

Use appropriate modes of communication to suit the needs of families and caregivers

Gather feedback from families and caregivers during engagements

Respect cultural backgrounds, strengths and individuality of families and caregivers

Maintain confidentiality and respect families’ and caregivers’ privacy rights

Support families and caregivers in playing an active role

Identify family or caregiver concerns and priorities

Respond appropriately to concerns of families or caregivers about their children

Facilitate mutual exchange of resources, information and feedback about children through regular interactions with families and caregivers

Identify relevant community resources to support family and caregiver engagements

Assist in coaching families and caregivers in class or at home to support learning and development of children

Engage families and care-givers in complementing the centre’s collaborative programmes

Assess support needs and the gaps in the families or caregivers’ understanding of children development based on their concerns and priorities

Educate families or caregivers on children development and the factors that impact development

Facilitate informed choice and decision making by families or caregivers

Build rapport with families that encourages mutual exchange of resources and information about children

Assess effectiveness of communication and engagement methods based on feedback received from families and caregivers

Promote positive learning outcomes for children through engagements with families and caregivers

Design activities and resources that encourage families’ or caregivers’ involvement in children’s education and care

Coach families and caregivers to support the learning and

development of children

Develop partnerships with families and caregivers

Plan and implement engagement platforms for the exchange of information among early intervention teachers, families and caregivers

Evaluate the effectiveness of collaborative projects in supporting the children, families and caregivers

Empower families or caregivers as active team members and equal partners in the entire process of the interventions and children's learning and development

Facilitate family or caregiver education programmes that strengthen family and caregiver role and involvement in childcare and education

Coach early intervention teachers to engage and build capabilities in families and caregivers to extend children’s participation to family and community life

Leverage on community resources to support families, caregivers and children

Develop a climate of care, respect and trust among early intervention teachers, families and caregivers

Plan and implement collaborative centre-wide projects that create opportunities for stakeholder involvement

Evaluate support needs of families and caregivers to determine appropriate engagement methods

Determine the skill levels and capacity of families or caregivers to support child development

Determine the scope and type of involvement required of families and caregivers

Develop engagement platforms, groups and feedback channels for Early Intervention Teachers, families and caregivers to interact and build trusting relationships

Monitor ongoing communication and exchange of information between Early Intervention Teachers, families and caregivers

Evaluate the home- centre-community engagement platforms and models

Evaluate the interactions and relationships of Early Intervention Teachers with families, caregivers and community stakeholders

Drive strategic planning and implementation of family and community engagements with the Centre Manager

Establish standards of practice for engagements with families, caregivers or community stakeholders

Establish shared networks of community stakeholders for the centres