Innovation Management

Respond to external or internal opportunities and apply creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or technology



Competency Area

Business Management


Analyse work practices within workplace for innovation and improvement opportunities

Present ideas to relevant stakeholders for feedback to improve ideas and develop possible variations

Assist in pilot testing and prototyping to determine effectiveness of innovation initiatives within business units

Support implementation of innovation initiatives in business units in accordance with innovation strategies to meet organisational requirements

Analyse work systems and processes to identify opportunities for innovation and improved work practices within own scope of work

Develop innovation initiatives and strategies in business functions

Evaluate performance of business functions to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement

Create opportunities to maximise innovation within business functions

Support and guide employees to contribute to the implementation of organisational innovation strategies

Develop and refine innovative initiatives to ensure achievement of desired business outcomes within business functions

Conduct pilot testing and prototyping of innovation concepts within business functions to determine feasibility of innovation initiatives

Make recommendations of innovation initiatives to relevant stakeholders for implementation

Formulate systems, review and implement innovation initiatives

Establish systems to support innovation within the organisation in consultation with relevant stakeholders

Research and evaluate existing information to identify and evaluate needs and opportunities for innovation initiatives within the organisation

Review pilot testing and prototyping results to determine feasibility of innovation initiatives across the organisation

Filter and select suitable innovation initiatives to implement

Present organisational- wide implementation specifications to management for approval

Provide opportunities for all employees to provide feedback and explore ideas and opportunities for change and innovation