Group Work Intervention

Deliver group work programmes and services to achieve effective outcomes



Competency Area

Group Work


Support the facilitation and delivery of group work

Support facilitation of group work

Prepare clients for participation in group activities

Provide logistical and administrative support for group work delivery

Deliver group work

Obtain resources to deliver group work

Form groups appropriate for group sessions

Conduct group interventions for specific outcomes

Articulate and monitor group work outcomes

Motivate clients to promote participation and address barriers to participation

Promote healthy group dynamics

Manage inter-group conflicts during group sessions

Identify and manage risks in group work

Lead the delivery of group work

Conduct a variety of group interventions

Use appropriate intervention strategies relevant to domain expertise

Use group processes to effect change via development of group work therapies

Supervise and coach social service professionals in conducting group work

Drive innovative efforts in approaches used in group work

Advise social service professionals in understanding group dynamics and processes

Lead in evidence-based approaches in group intervention

Formulate trends and issues in group work that need to be escalated at the system level

Formulate relationships with external organisations to support group work

Review research evidences and develop group work activities based on best practices

Evaluate contemporary developments in the field of group work to drive innovative approaches

Provide consultations on design and delivery of new areas of group work

Implement group work processes to ensure that the delivery of services matches government and community priorities for the social service sector

Manage networks that support the delivery of organisation’s group work activities

Develop plans to manage relationships with other service providers

Influence group work practice within the sector