Learning Programme Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of learning experiences and modify the teaching approaches and materials accordingly



Competency Area

Learning Programme Development and Delivery


Evaluate programme effectiveness and implement improvements in programmes

Collect and organise data sources for programme evaluation

Conduct course evaluation on learners’ knowledge and their ability to apply skills at the workplace

Prepare course evaluation report

Review learners’ needs and ensure learning objectives are met

Review the effectiveness of educators in delivering programmes

Propose recommendations based on evaluation findings

Develop improvement plans to facilitate implementation of improvements to programmes

Review and update programmes

Lead development and implementation of programme evaluation initiatives

Develop the organisation’s programme evaluation framework based on best practices and standards

Implement relevant programme evaluation strategies, methodologies and designs to improve quality of learning and development initiatives

Mentor or supervise educators in programme evaluation capabilities

Incorporate feedback and modify policies

Develop programme evaluation initiatives

Review effectiveness and drive improvements in the mentoring framework

Formulate policies for the provision and sponsorship of training to improve and upgrade staff or partner expertise in their respective specialisations

Form strategic collaborations with international educational bodies or institutions for formal education programmes and courses for other professionals