Conflict Resolution Management

Manage conflicts and disagreements efficiently to reach compromise and agreements



Competency Area

People Development


Facilitate resolution of conflicts among stakeholders

Identify and analyse signs of agreement and disagreement

Use negotiation techniques to maintain positive interaction and divert and minimise aggressive behaviour

Communicate in palatable manner to individuals

Demonstrate sensitivity and understanding when dealing with cultural issues

Negotiate for mutually acceptable solutions by all parties

Inform relevant personnel of the outcomes of negotiation

Develop robust conflict management systems and processes

Analyse legislative requirements and guidelines and compliance requirements appropriate to the organisation’s context

Document all interactions and agreements to ensure follow-through and commitment by all parties involved

Present improvement recommendation proposals to stakeholders

Work with involved parties to investigate validity and credibility of claims

Prepare and support others to develop possible responses or solutions based on review of information

Communicate with involved parties to agree to issues under consideration

Perform negotiation with stakeholders involved using conflict resolution techniques

Formulate frameworks for managing conflicts, grievances and disputes

Develop frameworks for managing conflicts, grievances and disputes, taking into consideration the organisation’s context and legal, ethical and socio-cultural considerations relating to conflict, grievance and dispute resolution

Review frameworks for managing conflicts, grievances and disputes to maintain or enhance positive employee relations

Consult key stakeholders to obtain buy-in on frameworks