Social Service Programme Development

Develop social service programmes using intervention concepts and frameworks that serve the needs of the clients and community



Competency Area

Programme Development and Implementation


Assist in the development and planning of social service programmes

Identify range, types and functions of different social service programmes

Identify clients’ social, emotional, psychological and cultural needs

Suggest the range of activities to suit the needs of clients

Collect data to support environmental scanning to understand the existing client landscape, community needs and programmes available

Develop and plan social service programmes

Assess clients’ social, emotional, psychological and cultural needs

Define programme outcomes and methods to achieve them

Apply evidence-based approach to developing programmes

Incorporate inclusive practices and cultural and social considerations of client groups into programme development

Identify and tap on appropriate community resources and/or funding schemes

Conduct environmental scanning on the existing client landscape, community needs and programmes available

Coordinate needs assessment with other social service professionals

Determine manpower, resources and training required for delivering programmes

Plan publicity for programmes

Lead development of social service programmes

Conduct needs assessment for clients or community stakeholders

Assess complexity of client needs and the scope of services or programmes to be provided

Assess community profile, strengths and needs to support community development

Define data collection processes and outcome measures of programmes

Apply relevant principles, frameworks and best practices in developing social service programmes

Determine allocation of resources for programmes

Adapt and incorporate best practices and trends in programmes

Pilot and refine service and programme parameters to ensure successful implementation

Build collaborations/partnerships with agencies, funders/sponsors and stakeholders in the social service sector for community development

and re-integration

Set directions for the development of social service programmes

Develop programme development strategies to ensure long term sustainability and impact

Set up programme protocols and processes to respond to emerging needs

Identify and adapt best practices for programme development

Set strategic direction to measure outcomes and programme evaluation methods

Contribute to programme development within a domain of expertise

Drive development of national and sector-wide programmes

Outline key focus areas in programmes for development to address emerging needs and in different settings

Advise on programme development and integration across different settings

Integrate programme development across other programmes available in the sector