Strategy Planning

Analyse and interpret the environment and develop department and organisation strategies and policies, in consultation with relevant stakeholders



Competency Area

General Management


Identify gaps in practice, service and processes to support strategy planning

Identify practice and service gaps in service delivery

Identify gaps and recommendations for improvements to SOPs

Ensure dashboard is updated

Identify ways and means to improve the usage of the dashboard

Develop resource allocation plans and implement strategies and policies

Develop resource management and allocation plans to the maximise effective use of funds of the organisation

Review the department’s strategic plans to consider various sector needs and ongoing trends

Develop a corporate policy aligned with the overall strategic direction

Draft standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Drive strategies and policies concerning focus on impact and sustainability

Drive effective resource allocation in the department

Drive the department’s strategic plans to consider various sector needs and trends

Review standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Anticipate risks and focus on impact and sustainability

Advance organisational relevance to sector needs and sustain financial viability

Synergise resource allocation to drive performance

Transform the department’s strategy plans to consider current or emerging sector needs and macro-trends