Resilience and Self-care

Understand the actions and activities that will enhance overall health and well-being to enable continued practice as a professional in the sector



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Respond calmly to stress and seek guidance and support from one’s supervisor on dealing with stress

Respond calmly to stressful situations

Demonstrate awareness of one’s overall health and well-being

Seek guidance and support from one’s supervisor on dealing with stress

Apply defensive techniques as required

Apply stress reduction techniques to manage one’s stress

Apply stress management techniques

Reflect on one’s personal effectiveness and adjust one’s behaviours and emotions in work activities

Identify undue emotional attachments or stress indicators during professional practice

Apply principles of self- care and undertake practical action steps to maintain health and well- being

Proactively seek additional consultation from peers or supervisors

Develop and improve on one’s self-care plans and manage one’s stress

Identify individual strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities and recognise limitations in professional practice and competence

Assess overall health and well-being and identify personal and occupational risks and stress indicators

Exercise proactive self- care and consultations with peers or supervisors

Apply prescribed assessments and procedures to develop and review individual self-care plans

Apply coping strategies to reduce or regulate stress

Reframe negative experiences to reduce or regulate the level of stress

Provide support to staff in managing their stress and emotions

Advise colleagues on the balance between duty of self-care and duty to perform

Remain objective and professional in emotionally challenging situations

Advise staff in practising effective self-care

Model effective self-care practices

Monitor staff for signs of burnout

Facilitate self-care activities for staff and teams

Anticipate disruptions or identify recurring issues that affect the health and well-being of teams and professionals

Facilitate self-care activities to help professionals and teams build resilience and overcome barriers to effective management of health and well-being

Influence others in the organisation to practise effective self-care

Coach professionals in managing their stress

Counsel professionals who are in distress

Take appropriate actions to help professionals avoid burnout

Implement holistic frameworks for self-care

Develop holistic frameworks for self-care

Inculcate a supportive culture in the organisation for managing stress

Establish systems and processes to build and sustain resilience and self-care in professionals across the organisation