People Management

Manage the recruitment, performance and development of staff



Competency Area

General Management


Provide guidance to junior team members

Conduct unbiased performance reviews

Optimise staff and team performance

Manage resources for day-to-day operations of the team’s work

Participates in development of work plans and identify key performance targets for direct reports

Keep staff focused on activities that achieve departmental goals

Coach new or junior team members in conduct of duties

Manage performance and development of the team

Address staff disciplinary issues

Mediate staff and/or team conflicts

Review profession specific performance

Enable staff to achieve what the organisation has set out to do

Motivate staff to achieve what the organisation has set out to do

Manage staff with different capabilities and initiate career planning

Manage staff development framework

Identify learning needs of team members and/or supervisees

Prioritise and review work plans to ensure alignment to organisational strategic goals

Support recruitment process

Manage the recruitment, performance and development of teams

Recruit talent into the organisation and department

Assist in identifying grooming them for leadership positions

Implement staff development frameworks

Engage team and/or department and maintain morale of team and/or staff

Define competencies needed for team and/or department performance and development

Define team and/or department targets for alignment

Identifying learning and development needs for team and/or department

Perform career planning for staff and/or team members

Maintain team discipline staff with high potential and

Drive talent management strategy and succession planning

Interpret organisational policies and impact of team performance using workforce intelligence

Drive employee engagement within department

Develop a succession planning strategy in consultation with the human resources function and other relevant personnel

Identify critical roles and feeder positions to provide opportunities to groom successors

Work with managers and identified successors to create and implement development and retention plans

Mentor identified successors to develop capabilities needed for future roles

Work with HR to formulate strategies for manpower acquisition and internal capability development

Recruit for senior positions

Manage workplace culture and the effect of culture on staff morale

Drive talent development and retention strategy within the department