Collaborative Practices Across Disciplines and Sectors

Understand services, contributions and perspectives from other organisations, settings, disciplines and professionals, and apply integrated approaches to deliver interventions to clients



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Provide integrated approaches in interventions to clients

Liaise with other services and social service professionals

Contribute to the goals, objectives and activities of the collaborative teams or network

Recognise the different multidisciplinary roles of social service professionals

Implement common goals for the collaborative teams

Document and retain workplace operations of collaborative teams

Implement collaborative practices

Contribute in intra-case conferences as part of collaborative teams

Assess current and relevant research, information and ideas from collaborative teams or networks

Conduct referral processes Develop professional relationships with multidisciplinary professionals

Establish common goals for multi-disciplinary teams

Contribute to social service sector forums

Establish positive working relationships with people in collaborative teams

Deal with disagreements and conflicts in professional relationships

Facilitate networking, cross-training and resource-sharing activities for collaborative teams

Facilitate information exchange within collaborative teams to deliver care or case plans

Supervise collaborative practices adopted by the team

Engage in collaborative team research projects

Facilitate or lead high-risk case conferences

Develop processes and procedures to operate as collaborative teams

Develop goals, objectives and expectations for collaborative teams

Collaborate with or lead collaborative team members to achieve common goals

Facilitate or lead collaborative teams in work practices

Allocate resources to facilitate team collaboration

Implement data collection procedures to obtain information relevant to the measuring of team effectiveness

Lead case conferences as part of multidisciplinary teams

Oversee collaborative practices in the organisation

Identify opportunities for collaborative practices

Establish evaluation criteria to measure the effectiveness of teams

Evaluate the effectiveness of the collaborative teams, networks or systems and make recommendations to improve team effectiveness

Implement organisational frameworks to support collaborative practices

Review and propose changes to guidelines at the organisational level to facilitate collaborative practices

Drive collaborative practices within the sector

Build and leverage on networks with other professionals outside the community

Plan integrated care and case plans for clients with multi-faceted issues that require interventions delivered across settings Foster partnerships with social service sector stakeholders to support the successful execution and integration of intervention plans across the sector and settings

Oversee the development of sector-wide and collaborative programmes and best practices

Develop cross-settings and cross-agencies programmes for implementation by various social service providers

Integrate community-wide programmes and best practices that involve different social service providers