Marketing Management

Manage organisation's marketing plans



Competency Area

Business Management


Manage market research to support marketing objectives and activities

Develop marketing objectives

Develop market research study objectives aligned to research needs

Develop market research plans and research methodologies to support market research study objectives

Select and manage external consultants to conduct market research activities

Manage market research activities in accordance with market research plans

Evaluate research findings to develop

recommendations based on data gathered

Report findings and recommendations to management

Formulate marketing objectives and activities

Develop marketing objectives

Design and implement marketing activities for different market segments

Identify possible partnerships and collaborations with different organisations

Identify new areas for business expansion Leverage on digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives

Create a marketing strategy

Understand the needs of the target community accurately, undertake research to accurately document the understanding

Understand the economics of fulfilment in these areas and 'costs' that the customer incurs

Create a plan with detailed activities that creates an urge and a pull to avail of the service/product on offer