Security Threat Research

Establish procedures for gathering, analysing and interpreting information about security threats and present findings to relevant stakeholders



Competency Area

Security Risk Management


Develop in-depth analysis on security threats and the relevant factors

Address different concepts and issues in Security Studies

Analyse security risks in small states

Apply security studies concepts to security operation planning

Appraise different concepts of terrorism

Examine causes and roots of terrorism

Propose factors responsible for development of terrorism

Evaluate measures used by counter- terrorist organisations to address terrorist groups

Compare and contrast terrorist groups

Evaluate and develop in- depth analysis on the security threats and contributing factors

Facilitate application of advanced statistical tools to achieve research objectives

Review data to predict trends, dynamics and movements

Review data collected to identify gaps and weaknesses

Facilitate solutions to address weaknesses in analytics

Conduct presentations in clear and concise manner for intended audience

Drive discussion using security threat research findings for actions

Formulate forecast of future environments and trends from data analysis results

Lead discussions for preliminary steps to meet forecasted scenarios

Formulate results- oriented plans utilising data analysis results

Evaluate strategic options and risk factors for business opportunities to guide development of plans

Initiate discussions with stakeholders on appropriate future plans

Guide stakeholders endorsement by evaluating implications of strategies