Support Service to Children and Youths

Provide support services to children and youths to ensure their overall well-being



Competency Area

Care Services


Assist in the provision of support services

Chaperone children and youths safely between locations

Utilise transport devices or mobility aids appropriately to assist children and youths in moving between locations

Assist in identifying different types of support services available for children and youths

Apply organisational safety procedures and policies to ensure safety and well-being of children and youths

Adhere to instructions of supervisors when providing support service to children and youths

Identify needs of children and youth to provide appropriate support services

Identify needs and interests of children and youths

Identify types of support services based on needs and interests of children and youths

Provide inputs to the review of needs and support services provided to children and youths

Apply communication skills when interacting with children, youths and their caregivers

Assist in facilitating social, recreational and educational activities for children and youths

Maintain conducive environments that are responsive to the developmental needs of the children and youths

Review support needs guide or direct them to relevant support services

Review needs and interests of children

Determine aspects of safety and well-being that require additional attention for children and youths

Provide additional information on available support services for children and youths

Guide care staff on relevant resources and appropriate referrals for additional support

Guide care staff in meeting needs of children and youths