Case and Care Planning

Use different models and approaches for developing case and care plans to support clients' needs in accordance to organisational practices



Competency Area



Support development of case and care plans to support clients’ needs

Support assessments of clients’ level of risks and protective factors

Support assessments of system intervention for clients

Support development and planning of case plans

Maintain case documentations

Support in assessing clients’ level of functioning

Support in goal setting for clients

Gather information and conduct preliminary assessments for cases

Identify various legal provisions and resources when working in social service settings

Develop case and care plans to support clients’ needs

Assess clients’ level of functioning, risks and needs

Manage clients’ associated risk and protective factors

Assess system intervention for clients

Conduct case planning with clients based on standard guidelines and professional assessments

Set clear contracts and goals with clients

Assess needs for escalation of cases

Maintain case recordings

Take appropriate actions to manage ethical dilemmas, escalating to supervisors as appropriate

Engage stakeholders for case planning

Choose strategies to formulate viable plans for clients

Lead development of case and care plans

Apply risk assessment frameworks to suit unique requirements of cases

Identify team’s roles and responsibilities in case management processes

Provide consultation for ethical dilemmas

Adapt tools and approaches for therapeutic outcomes

Develop professional and engaged relationships with key stakeholders

Engage stakeholders to overcome fundamental barriers

Oversee case and care planning for the organisation

Adapt risk assessment frameworks to suit unique requirements of cases

Integrate domain knowledge in case planning

Drive clinical direction and development of the organisation

Drive efforts to improve case planning practices

Allocate resources within the organisation to maximise casework outcomes

Work with multi- disciplinary teams

Drive best practices in case and care planning

Oversee delivery of case and care plans to ensure high standard of practice

Identify emerging trends that require domain attention

Provide multi-disciplinary perspectives to guide development of holistic case planning practices