Social Service Programme Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of social service programmes in meeting the needs of the clients and communities



Competency Area

Programme Development and Implementation


Collect and document programme feedback

Collect and document relevant data and feedback from social service professionals and social service programme stakeholders

Store collected data and feedback according to organisational procedures

Maintain confidentiality of client feedback and findings

Identify gaps and areas of improvements in social service programmes

Propose gaps and areas of improvement for social service programmes

Propose potential solutions to close identified gaps and areas of improvement

Propose areas of client needs that are currently outside the scope and capacity of the organisation to support

Review gaps to improve on social service programme development

Use applicable criteria to evaluate programmes

Assess gaps and areas of improvements to adapt and modify programmes

Evaluate settings and environment to improve programmes

Determine needs for service provisions and planning for future developments

Propose improvements to programmes based on best practices

Evaluate effectiveness and relevance of social service programmes

Analyse and validate evaluation outcomes defined in programme plans

Review relevance and alignment of programmes against programme plans

Recommend potential criteria for assessment of long-term impact of the programme based on research and trends

Provide programme review and feedback to other social service professionals working in the social service programme and programme stakeholders

Review relevance and alignment of programmes against programme plans and strategic objectives of the organisation

Review programme resources, budget and utilisation

Assess new developments in social service programmes based on research and trends to incorporate in organisation’s programmes

Assess best practices and standards to improve programme development and implementation

Review and recommend improvements to organisational policies and processes that impact programmes

Evaluate social service programmes and identify potential synergies

Establish evaluation processes for programmes

Define criteria to measure values and effectiveness of programmes

Review improvements to programme content, structures, outcomes, and work processes for future implementation across programmes in the organisation

Evaluate gaps and areas for improvement in programme evaluation

Determine synergies across programmes in the organisation for future implementation

Devise evaluation approach to collect and analyse data to meet the requirements of decision makers, funding organisations and other social service sector stakeholders

Consult relevant stakeholders to gather feedback to improve sector-wide and/or national programmes

Review performance trends of programmes and drive changes in sector-wide and/or national programmes