Youth Outreach

Interact and engage with youths in diverse settings through platforms and activities that interest them



Competency Area

Youth Engagement and Development


Support the implementation of organisation’s youth outreach plans

Build positive and trusting relationships with youths

Identify common topics of interest to engage youths in conversations

Apply understanding of contemporary youth culture in engagements with youths

Apply organisational procedures for working with youths and families

Comply with youth outreach principles and practices in relation to duty of care to the clients

Use appropriate technologies to engage youths

Select materials and equipment to support youth outreach plans

Implement the organisation’s youth outreach plans

Deploy support resources to help youths in resolving their problems and difficulties

Engage youths and community members to promote utilisation of services

Identify and adapt applications of latest technology to youth outreach plans

Develop improvements to existing outreach plans

Adapt plans to meet changing needs and circumstances of youths

Network with other community organisations to maximise opportunities for youths to access programmes

Implement plans to meet changing needs and circumstances of youths

Develop organisation’s youth outreach plans

Identify local and international issues, developments and practices impacting youth outreach service delivery

Develop plans for reviews and evaluation of existing outreach plans

Obtain resources to deliver services and programmes in youth outreach plans

Facilitate collaboration opportunities with other organisations to help youths

Review effectiveness of use of latest technology in youth outreach

Lead the development of organisation’s youth outreach plans

Lead environment scanning to identify emerging trends and practices

Drive development of

outreach policies for the organisation

Develop outreach plans for the organisation based on best practices and advances in youth outreach work

Guide community partners in shaping policies that promote the well-being of youths

Drive collaboration efforts with other organisations to develop outreach programmes

Promote the cause served by the organisation through community partnerships