Social Sector Policy Influence

Understand policies applicable in the social sector as well as the process of policy development and influence their development and implementation



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Identify the impact of social sector policies on client groups and service delivery

Collect on-the-ground information to gauge impact of policies

Identify the relevant policies and their programmes

Demonstrate awareness of policies relevant to the service delivery

Conduct internal and external environment scans to keep abreast of latest developments, changes and initiatives in the ministry and social service sector

Communicate formally about service needs

Advocate in relevant government policy development forums and processes

Examine trends in social sector policies and pursue advocacy opportunities

Identify the linkages between social sector policies and specific programme areas

Review the outcomes of international social policies and their applicability to the local context

Identify relevant opportunities for communicating formally about the service needs

Support preparations for presentations to government policy development forums and government officials

Pursue opportunities to comment on draft policy documents, legislation, project plans and other relevant documents regarding service needs

Gather perspectives from intended end-user stakeholders involved in the operationalisation of policies

Identify the application of policy to programme delivery components

Engage stakeholders and officials to initiate policy change in the social sector

Use a range of sources to obtain a holistic view to drive policy ideas

Initiate the policy formulation process with stakeholders

Identify service and policy gaps through the directing of environmental scanning or sector research studies

Develop and present logical cases for new policy directions

Develop engagement strategies with policy- makers and politicians

Develop the changes to policy

Determine the policies to be influenced and set goals

Create platforms and new avenues for active stakeholder engagement and consultation

Define messaging and positioning for ministries or agencies for the implementation of policies

Influence high-impact policies making within the social sector at the national level

Collaborate with policy- makers and social sector stakeholders to change policy direction to get the best outcomes for the sector

Conceptualise adaptations to sector policies in anticipation of changes in socio-economic developments

Engage and win support of stakeholders impacted by policies

Advocate the benefits of the policy to policy-makers and social sector leaders

Review policies in relation to other policies, legislation and programmes

Approve capacity-building initiatives taking into consideration divergent priorities among different departments

Oversee and direct department in terms of environmental scanning, research and analysis and sharing of findings