Clean Technologies

Designing programs and policies which reduce or eliminate at source any nuisance, pollution, or waste, and help save raw materials, natural resources, and energy, thereby increasing performance, productivity, or efficiency while minimizing negative effects on the environment.



Competency Area

Environment Technology


Demonstrates knowledge of clean technologies

Enumerates technical components of various clean technologies such as green construction, alternative building cooling systems, renewables and various energy saving interventions

Describes how various clean technologies work, what makes them clean, what kind of savings do they result in (both in terms of costs and carbon footprint) and what is the return on investment on each

Demonstrates knowledge of legal and regulatory frameworks which dictate the use of clean technologies in specific industries such as manufacturing and oil extraction

Understands the significance of clean technologies in combating climate change/ help India achieve it's climate goals

Oversees implementation of clean technology projects and/or enforcement of associated regulations

Identifies technologies that would suitably reduce the environmental impact of a specific project

Uses financial and analytical tools such Cost-Benefit Analysis, Lifecycle Assessment, Return on Investment to substantiate the choice of interventions for a project

Enforces rules and regulations which comply with national and international laws and guidelines associated with clean technology interventions in the concerned industry

Prepares collateral to communicate plans to concerned stakeholders such as government authorities and relevant vendors

Evaluation of clean tech programs

Evaluates the choice of clean technology-based interventions of projects

Appraises calculations associated with carbon savings and budget to defend the choice of interventions

Monitors compliance with rules and regulations that dictate use of clean technology

Justifies evaluations with evidence

Contribute to clean tech policy and research

Contributes to clean technology policy at the national and/or state level

Contributes to research on existing and emerging topics in clean technology deployment

Contributes to technological advancements in the field of clean technologies in the capacity of a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Contributes to regulatory framework associated with deployment of clean technologies in various sectors