Personnel Training

Crafting programs that equip a specific group of people (trainees) with the competencies required for a specific task/ set of tasks



Competency Area

Personnel training and development


Demonstrates knowledge of principles of adult learning

Summarizes models of adult learning that are relevant for a given audience

Identifies individual needs of trainees (wherever needed) in order to understand their learning preferences

Recognises the importance of self-directed learning and reflection on the part of trainees

Describes various training methodologies and techniques that can be deployed to cater to the needs of a specific group of trainees

Identifies various tools and technologies that can be deployed to meet the needs of a specific group of trainees

Designs training programs

Establishes SMART learning goals for the organisation by conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Formulates training objectives based on training goals of the organisation as well as the specific needs of trainees

Creates a training plan based on identified objectives

Develops high quality content to meet the objectives of the training program

Incorporates elements of self-directed learning and reflection into the training material

Adapts content to various offline and online platforms based on the needs of the learners

Evaluates outcomes of training programs

Appraises methodologies used to arrive at training objectives and plans

Assesses effectiveness of training through classroom interaction and observation

Evaluates effectiveness of training based on explicit feedback and assessment results of trainees

Suggests modifications to the content in order to fill gaps identified in the evaluation process