Financial Investment Research and Analysis

Conduct and oversee research and evaluation studies to enable and support investment decision making towards harnessing potential investment opportunities



Competency Area

Trade and Investment Facilitation


Understands the process of financial investment and economic planning

Understands global development financial institutions, processes and trends

Comprehends economic planning, entrepreneurship in developing economies, financial information

Describes investment compliance regulation requirements in sectors, regions

Interprets financial information across various sources

Synthesises advisory reports and drafts investment cases to support the process of new investments

Assists in preparation of financial briefs, market research summaries and competitive analysis reports to determine organization's positioning for investment deliverables

Guides effective and timely coordination with government stakeholders and partners to evaluate and promote investment portfolios

Synthesises the financial news using specialist media sources

Conducts analysis and evidence-gathering to guide investment strategies

Examines economic and market trends, financial statements to determine suitable investment strategies

Coordinates with fund managers, industry professionals to gather market intelligence

Investigates complex financial models and reviews past investment decisions to know the rationale behind

Conducts financial due diligence on prospective projects to recommend investment decisions

Coordinates and supports assessment of capacity gaps and functions in investment implementation