Marketing Culture

Understand, analyse, and create a marketing culture to audit the existing culture in an organisation, while anticipating and proposing improvements.



Competency Area



Understands marketing culture

Understands the rationale for instilling a strong marketing culture in an organisation

Documents information required for auditing the existing culture of an organisation

Recognises the role of culture change management in an organisation

Describes best practices for recognition and rewards for employees

Aware of marketing culture values that focus on feedback loops

Gathers insights for marketing culture

Defines marketing culture through the organisation’s reach across a range of customers

Gathers insights from internal feedback surveys on areas of improvement

Creates people-first frameworks to work towards cultural change management

Supports the development of recognition and rewards for employees

Measures marketing culture values, keeping in mind human resource processes

Evaluates and contributes to marketing culture

Evaluates the organisation’s reach and credibility through its marketing culture

Proposes shared values and beliefs that can shape the marketing culture of an organisation

Contributes to cultural change management processes through training and guidance

Uses recognition and rewards for employees to build a marketing culture

Analyses marketing culture values and communicates results to relevant stakeholders