Customer Care

Support, interpret, and prioritise customer experiences through customer relationship management, to provide customer care and build customer-centric organisations.



Competency Area

Customer Support


Supports customer care practices

Aware of key customer care practices and principles (personalised, convenient, proactive, etc.)

Recognises the role of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and solution in customer care

Participates in discussions about building customer-centric organisations

Supports team responses to customer queries, through existing research

Navigates CRM and interprets customer queries

Documents customer care practices and supports the team with the same

Navigates CRM tools and softwares to interact and manage customer relationships

Identifies habits that define a customer-centric organisation (listening to customer viewpoints, soliciting feedback, etc.)

Interprets customers queries using customer support frameworks (hear, empathise, diagnose, etc.)

Applies customer care practices

Applies customer care practices, keeping in mind organisational excellence

Analyses data and information from CRM tools to gain actionable insights about customers

Investigates customer feedback and surveys to determine areas of improvements

Proposes customer support frameworks to improve customer experience

Streamlines customer care practices

Streamlines customer care practices with larger organisational aims and priorities

Integrates every interaction with customers into the CRM software

Designs methods to keep tabs of customer requests that help build customer-centricity

Prioritises customer support success through relevant strategies, frameworks, and systems