Investment Facilitation

Manages and Monitors processes that contribute towards an efficient, predictable and investment-friendly business climate to improve economic growth and living standards



Competency Area

Trade and Investment Facilitation


Understands investment facilitation approaches

Understands policies, acts and regulations, including tax incentives and labor/skills policy, on domestic and foreign investment

Maintains an up-to-date database of the various industry representative bodies and major players in the market

Recognizes the bottlenecks, inefficiencies and uncertainties in investment facilitation systems in consultation with key stakeholders

Documents systems and processes for investment facilitation

Investigates administrative procedures to select important ones for general as well sectorally salient strategic investors

Assists in structuring approaches for gathering and disseminating clear up-to-date information with existing and potential investors to sport trends early and begin action

Develops systems for following-up on concerns raised by investors and tracking redressal

Synthesizes factors commonly cited as sources of delays or added costs (such as work permits, access to public utilities at affordable rate, dispute resolution systems) based on structured surveys, discussion forums etc.

Formulates information channel and procedure simplification

Streamlines administrative procedures involved in the establishment phase of investment (such as licensing and qualifications, formalities and documentation requirements etc.)

Establishes single window to constitute well-planned and regular outreach with present and potential investors

Proposes strategies to enable easy access to information on legal and regulatory matters, financing options, location choice or recruitment/training

Coordinates dialogue and consultation with key stakeholders on proposed regulatory changes

Incorporates steps at enhancing regulatory transparency and predictability to inspire confidence among investors (such as prior notifications, publications)

Encourages smooth intermediation through information exchange and standards setting

Prioritizes various forums to ensure coverage of investor's views across regions, industry types, and scale of operations

Monitors and Analyzes regulatory regimes to spot market conditions, changing technology, foreign exchange markets

Encourages smooth and seamless coordination between the government agencies and investors to feed investor views back into framing adaptive regulatory responses

Promotes international cooperation to address the unique needs of emerging economies (such as technical assistance, capacity building)