Investment Promotion

Plan, Prioritise and Drive policies and partnerships to present a positive and informed picture of investment opportunities to attract and retain foreign as well as domestic investment in the short and long term



Competency Area

Trade and Investment Facilitation


Describes investment opportunities and client needs

Understands the socio-economic, political and business landscape for investment and its competitive advantage (such as focus sectors, relevant sectoral policies and schemes, industrial clusters, key companies and cost of doing business)

Comprehends policies, acts and regulations, including tax incentives and labor/skills policy, on domestic and foreign investment

Maintains an up-to-date database of the various industry representative bodies and major players in the market

Understands sourcing and investment strategies of major lead firms in the market, competing investment locations and its value propositions

Drafts investment outreach strategy and pipeline projects

Assists in planning and executing various investor engagement activities (such as investment seminars, roundtables, roadshows, client meetings, webinars)

Synthesizes image building collaterals (such as promotional materials, trade fair) to position the country's investment potential

Drafts the Go-to-Investor marketing strategies with key value proposition (such as market access, natural resources, cheap labor etc.) to target potential investors with potential projects

Summarizes research on potential investors, local partners, client needs, investment leads to evaluate business conditions and build pipeline prospect

Documents sectoral ecosystem trends by collating and reviewing industry reports, blogs, brochures, presentations

Coordinates investment promotion activities

Reviews key financial indicators to assess opportunities and highlights profitable business opportunities to aid investor decision-making

Proposes an investment promotion strategy on various aspects (such as strengthening location's image, targeting and generating investment opportunities, servicing investors)

Streamlines the interface between company and government departments by handholding foreign and domestic investment projects to fast track setting up of businesses (such as location assessment facilitation, project profile, financing options, skills)

Establishes relationship with the relevant stakeholders in the Government and other promoting agencies (such as Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Consulates/Embassies, Think tanks, academic institutions, industry players)

Reviews investment proposals and reports (such as financial models, joint ventures, project structuring) to seek approvals and make necessary programmatic recommendations to the relevant departments

Oversees stakeholder engagement and relationship building

Partners with sectoral ministries, state industries departments etc. on investment promotion and facilitation preparedness

Prioritises strong customer relationship and customer-focused solutions with marquee investors through after-care programs

Leads the knowledge management and communication efforts to support business development efforts

Plans high level visits and forums (officials, diplomats, business, experts) to stimulate interests in investments