Multilateral Environmental Agreements(MEAs)

Provide technical and administrative support for the development, management and monitoring of multilateral environmental agreements to tackle international environmental and climate challenges more effectively



Competency Area

Environmental Impact Management


Supports project management and coordination

Understands emerging environmental issues and challenges in South-Asia as well as good understanding and appreciation of environmental ethics, values and priorities

Maintains and keep up to date all project financial information which includes project budgets, quarterly financial reports, budget revisions, audits, and other relevant documents

Maintains administration systems and processes including procurement and tender works and information systems and databases

Contributes to the formulation and establishment of contractual arrangements (MoUs, Contracts, etc.) to support the activities of the assigned programmes/projects and ensure their timely implementation

Summarizes information for various reports (like the Biennial Update Reports )

Provides technical and research support

Undertakes technical and policy-related research and analytical work to support project activities

Contributes to various written outputs, e.g. drafts background papers, analyses, sections of reports and studies, inputs to publications

Guides activities related to budget and funding (programme/project preparation and submissions, progress reports, financial statements, etc.) and prepares related documents/reports (pledging, work programme, programme budget, etc.

Identify MEA governing bodies and UN Environment governing and subsidiary bodies and list relevant policy decisions

Identifies opportunities for capacity building activities, workshops, seminars, meetings, and training at national and regional levels

Coordinates project implementation and communication

Reviews relevant documents and reports related to MEAs processes including reports and inputs to MEAs and identifies problems and issues to be addressed and proposes corrective actions;

Provide technical assistance and support in implementing project and related activities

Analyzes and presents information gathered from diverse sources on emerging issues on protection, conservation and sustainable development

Assists in policy development, including the assessment/review and analysis of issues and trends, preparation of impact evaluation studies, etc.;

Coordinates resource mobilization, programme formulation and quality assessment; including preparation of log frames, budget and work plans

Participates in the development, implementation and evaluation of assigned programmes/projects, etc.;

Designs of project capacity building activities, workshops, seminars, meetings, and training at national and regional levels

Monitors and evaluates projects implementations and communication

Monitors, analyzes and reports on development and implementation of projects supporting the implementation of MEA programme

Leads outreach activities; participates in the structuring and conducting of training workshops, seminars, etc.; makes presentations on assigned topics/activities;

Builds and maintains effective working relationships with donors (like UNDP, UNITAR) and partners throughout the project cycle, facilitates monitoring and compliance issues and ensures submission of reports, as required;

Leads international negotiations and policy formation

Reviews media releases and communication materials to raise the profile of the project, key results, and achievements

Leads project capacity building activities, workshops, seminars, meetings, and training at national and regional levels including official meetings with partners and stakeholders